[tex-k] Programming literature: "Hilbert Curves"

Taylor, P P.Taylor at rhul.ac.uk
Tue Jun 25 10:39:08 CEST 2019

Doug McKenna wrote:

> After many years of both concentrated and sporadic efforts on a variety of fronts, my combined application and/or electronic book ("Hilbert Curves" and/or "Outside-In and Inside-Gone") is now available  in Apple's App Store for Apple's iPad (and iPhone, but more screen real estate is better).  Of interest to readers of this list, this app/book is, I believe, a first: it is self-typesetting on the user's device from TeX source code.  See <http://www.mathemaesthetics.com/HilbertCurves.html> for a few screen shots.  The typeset math of course looks great, though it is not very complicated (high-school level).  The app contains its own high-performance TeX-language interpreter, which I've been calling JSBox.  The TUGboat article I wrote a while back on how it traces itself is here:
An interesting and innovative approach, Doug, but do you have plans to 
develop it for other platforms (Windows, Android, whatever).  I have no 
Apple devices, nor have I any interest in the same, but I am interested 
in your work and would be interested in trying it (even paying for it !) 
if it were available for platforms in which I have some interest.

Philip Taylor

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