[tex-k] duplicated words in "METAFONT: The Program"

胡亚捷 (Hu Yajie) 2500418497 at qq.com
Wed Apr 22 11:45:06 CEST 2020

The latest version of mf.web contains some duplicate words, namely `the the $\log n$ factor' in line 7076 (section 323) and `to to vertex~|r|' in lines 11420--11421 (section 534). Again I'm not sure if this has been reported, but Knuth's errata files don't help, since they're last updated January 2014. Is there a list of bugs reported since 2014? (I did skim through the tex-k archive, and no posts after 2014 seem to mention the typos, but potential finders may have sent reports somewhere else like privately to karl.)
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