[tex-k] cwebman bugs

Spencer Alexander salexander19 at gwmail.gwu.edu
Thu Apr 30 15:26:24 CEST 2020


(1) Even if I say

./wmerge common.w comm-man.ch common.out

cweave common.out

pdftex common.tex

page 28 prints at the end instead of at the beginning. (I attach the .pdf for
reference. `make fullmanual’ does the same using cweave instead of wmerge.) It
also happens for the ctangle- and cweave appendices, and it happens
regardless of whether the .pdf is written directly or via dvi.

(2) cwebmac.tex points to ftp.cs.stanford.edu/pub/ctwill but that folder
doesn’t exist. (Could you tell me where it lives now? I know of Andreas
Scherer’s copy.)


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