[tex-k] Can't reproduce the illustrations on page 201 of The METAFONTbook

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Aug 31 02:17:07 CEST 2020

Hi Yajie,

    y1 = y2 = good.y(.5[-d,h] + pt);

DRF remembered the existence of mfman.mf 
and checked the source there against the one you constructed. There is a

yajie.mf: y1=y2=good.y(.5[-d,h]+pt); y3=y4=h-d-y1;
mfman.mf: y1=y2=good.y(.5[-d,h]+1.1pt); y3=y4=h-d-y1;

(So, presumably the "1.1" should be added to the program on page 200.)

Unfortunately, it does not change the noted discrepancies, though it creates
others; medres vs. mag=3 still makes no difference.

Also, I'll attach a blown-up scan of the figure we've been considering
(the fifth one) on page C201 of the printed MFbook that I have. I
believe it's from the 12th (and current) printing, though it's hard to
be completely sure. In any case, it shows that my eyes failed me, and
the fourth line does indeed have five pixels. (Completely invisible to
my eyes at true size on the page. Yikes.)

I'll put this stuff in the pile to be vetted and passed on. --thanks, karl.

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