[tex-k] a bug in the \ninebig macro of manmac.tex & other reports

胡亚捷 (Hu Yajie) 2500418497 at qq.com
Wed Jul 29 05:37:02 CEST 2020

Hi karl -- maybe I should have made the report shorter?

The \ninebig macro in manmac.tex typesets \big delimiters in 9-point math
by borrowing the 10-point ones in cmr10 and cmsy10, but it forgets to retain
the 9-point axis height. Thus examples like
    \input manmac \ninepoint $\bigl(()\bigr)$ \end
are vertically asymmetrical. This asymmetry can be observed in the real books
(page A245, line 20; page C298, line -1; etc.), and it can be fixed by e.g.

\newdimen\tenaxis \tenaxis=\fontdimen22\tensy
\newdimen\nineaxis \nineaxis=\fontdimen22\ninesy
  \left#1\vbox to7.25pt{}\right.\n at space$%

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