[tex-k] make_tex errors from missing font names

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Jun 12 23:58:42 CEST 2020

Hi David,

    kpathsea:make_tex: Invalid filename `Andika Blub', contains ' '

I've been annoyed by that message too sometimes :).

    while spaces in font filenames are rare, spaces
    in internal font names (which is what is intended here) are not rare
    at all.

INdeed. The whole point of that explicit check for spaces (in
kpathsea/tex-make.c) is to avoid calling mktex* on filenames with spaces
which are, as you imply, always system fonts.

Clearly it's trivial to eliminate the warning message when such
"unexpected" names are encountered, and simply return, letting the
caller (generally the engine) emit whatever diagnostic. I guess that is
better behavior. I will change it. mktex* is not much of a feature
nowadays anyway. Thanks for the report. --karl

P.S. Font filenames with spaces are not supported at all in original
TeX, since the filename is delimited by a space. I never tried to alter
this, although as far as I can recall there is nothing except this one
check in kpathsea which cares about what the characters are. Most
non-alphanumeric characters are disallowed as far as tex-make.c is

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