[tex-k] another bunch of typos in The METAFONTbook (as I read it through)

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Jun 15 22:29:10 CEST 2020

Hi Yajie - thanks for all the reports.

    (I was under the impression that the tex-k mailing list was mainly for
    community-developed software 

Well, sort of. Originally (1990s or so) it was specifically for bug
reports for kpathsea and the programs to which I added kpathsea
support. Over the years it's morphed into a catch-all for many programs
that don't get (m)any bug reports, often those maintained as part of TL.

So I used it as the place to send Knuthian bug reports also, since I am
the one collecting them for this round. It's true there have been more
submissions than I expected, but after this year's submissions are in
(by November 1 at the very latest, please), I suppose there will be few
if any for a long time to come, so I don't much want to set up a
separate list just for it.

    like pdfTeX, 

User discussion: pdftex at tug.org
Bugs: ntg-pdftex at ntg.nl

User discussion: metapost at tug.org
Bugs: mp-implementors at tug.org


That one is here (tex-k).


Most programs give a bug reporting address at the end of their --help message.

    so I reported most typos to karl privately. Maybe I should post here more.)

The reason to post Knuthian bug reports to this public list is so that
someone else coming along later who noticed the same bugs has a chance
of discovering they've already been reported. Thus reducing mail
incoming to me.

Unfortunately there is no practical way for me to post the bugs which
have been reported so far (approaching 200, BTW), due to privacy
concerns, so searching is imperfect, but that's the situation.

Let me mention for the record that I wrote a short item for the last
TUGboat with hints for Knuthian bug reporting, and Dave Fuchs wrote an
article about his testing, with requests for unusual input files. I put
them online a while ago at https://tug.org/texmfbug. --thanks, karl.

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