[tex-k] Module name typesetting bug in either tangle.web or weave.web

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Mar 26 23:48:25 CET 2020

    Does Pascal have a single-char equivalence operator ''œôù¡'?

As you say, of course not, but that's not the point. As Shreevatasa

  when the module name contains |(#) ==| then the way it has been
  typeset by WEAVE matches that documentation, because that is how the
  equivalent Pascal code would be typeset by WEAVE.

That is, what's inside |...| in .web is not verbatim typewriter, but "as
weave would do it". So it's operating as intended, as far as I can see also.

I guess you're arguing that Knuth should use literal text when writing
about WEB command sequences in module names, etc., within tangle and
weave themselves. (Again, as Shreevatsa said, something like "\.{(\#)
==}".) I don't disagree. However, I am extremely doubtful that he would
be interested in changing it at this late date. But I could ask my
cohorts in vetting reports what they think, if you want. --thanks, karl.

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