[tex-k] Bug in epstopdf (?)

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at fu-berlin.de
Sat Sep 26 16:04:50 CEST 2020

Am 26.09.20 um 13:38 schrieb Pat Ridley:
> I've encountered a problem in producing a diagram in a pdf file from 
> LaTeX and epstopdf, and I hope you can help. It looks like a bug to me.
> I have tried compiling the LaTeX from both TeXworks and TeXniCenter, 
> with the same result.
> The diagram is of a position on a Go board. I can correctly produce a 
> very similar diagram (see attached examples), which has no numbering 
> on the Go stones. The eps file for this diagram converts to a 
> correct-looking pdf. However, the eps for the other diagram, which has 
> four of the stones numbered, converts to a blank pdf.
> The eps diagrams are both produced by GoWrite2.
> Both eps diagrams seem to display correctly using GSview.
> I've attached the simple LaTeX file that shows the problem, the eps 
> and pdf files and the LaTeX log.
> SillyNM_1.eps converts correctly to SillyNM_1-eps-converted-to.pdf
> Silly_1.eps converts to a blank file Silly_1-eps-converted-to.pdf

The eps files look wrong to me. Convert the files with

eps2eps old.eps new.eps

and you'll get a correct pdf. Or delete in the original eps files
everything _before_  %!PS-Adobe ...  and also _after_  %%EOF
and you'll get also a correct pdf.


> Extracted from the log file:
> Package epstopdf Info: Source file: <Silly_1.eps>
> (epstopdf)                    date: 2020-09-19 06:55:35
> (epstopdf)                    size: 21238 bytes
> (epstopdf)             Output file: <Silly_1-eps-converted-to.pdf>
> (epstopdf)             Command: <epstopdf 
> --outfile=Silly_1-eps-converted-to.pd
> f Silly_1.eps>
> (epstopdf)             \includegraphics on input line 17.
> runsystem(epstopdf --outfile=Silly_1-eps-converted-to.pdf 
> Silly_1.eps)...execut
> ed (allowed).
> Package epstopdf Info: Result file: <Silly_1-eps-converted-to.pdf>
> (epstopdf)                    size: 2231 bytes.
> <Silly_1-eps-converted-to.pdf, id=2, 597.23125pt x 845.1575pt>
> File: Silly_1-eps-converted-to.pdf Graphic file (type pdf)
> <use Silly_1-eps-converted-to.pdf>
> Package pdftex.def Info: Silly_1-eps-converted-to.pdf  used on input 
> line 17.
> (pdftex.def)             Requested size: 170.71652pt x 241.58167pt.
> [1
> Thanks
> Pat Ridley

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