[tex-k] Glyph width mismatch for cmssdc10

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Sep 30 00:25:32 CEST 2020

    >      dvipdfmx:warning: Glyph width mismatch for TFM and font (cmssdc10)
    >      dvipdfmx:warning: TFM: 606.936 vs. Type1 font: 609

Igor - for the future, FYI, it's better to send dvipdfmx reports to
dvipdfmx at tug.org.

    Glyph width of 'C' in cmssdc10.tfm is 606.936.
    It is 609 in cmssdc10.pfb (cmssdc10.afm).

Akira - thanks for looking it up. Evidently it is a bug in the font. I
guess every cmssdc10.pfb C has been misplaced since day one :(. I guess
I could ask AMS about the chance of an update. (My guess is: low.)

I wonder if there are other pfb/tfm mismatches. Can you easily check this?
Or I can, eventually.

(If it won't ever get fixed, I guess dvipdfmx could make a special case
and omit the warning. Warnings that can't get fixed are noise that get
in the way of real messages ...)


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