[tex-k] mf.web bug introduced in 2021 tuneup

胡亚捷 (Hu Yajie) 2500418497 at qq.com
Sun Apr 11 04:31:47 CEST 2021

mf.web, line 2207:
we could simply compute |@t$(2^{29}$@>*p+q)div (2*q)|.

This is translated by WEAVE as:
we could simply compute $\hbox{$(2^{29}$}\ast\|p+\|q$ ) $\mathbin{\&{div}}(2%

and the typeset output looks like (2^29*p+q ) div(2*q)
--- notice the extra space around the right parenthesis.

I think the reason is because WEAVE skips "@t$(2^{29}$@>" and tries to parse
"*p+q)div (2*q)" as Pascal code, and, being unable to handle the extra right
paren, it divides the code into the three parts "*p+q", ")", "div (2*q)" and
outputs them separately.

On the other hand if mf.web says
we could simply compute |(@t$2^{29}$@>*p+q)div (2*q)|.
WEAVE will parse "([literal text]*p+q)div (2*q)" successfully and give
typographically-pleasing output.

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