[tex-k] [WEB] Possible range error in WEAVE.WEB

Wolfgang Helbig helbig at mailbox.org
Fri Aug 6 10:45:10 CEST 2021

Dear Andreas,
> I believe that line 4663 of WEAVE.WEB (definition of procedure 
> 'unbucket' in module 249) should be changed as follows:
> @x
>   begin if sort_ptr>max_sorts then overflow('sorting');
> @y
>   begin if sort_ptr=max_sorts then overflow('sorting');
> @z

Yes, you are right! If sort_ptr == max_sorts the incr will trigger a 
range check.

By the way, you can turn on range and overflow check with Free Pascal:
[4] compiler directives
@{@&$C-,A+,D-@} {no range check, catch arithmetic overflow, no debug 
@!debug @{@&$C+,D+@}@+ gubed {but turn everything on when debugging}

The overflow check showed a bug in mf, which in fact was a compiler 
bug.  cf., tex-fpc/fpcbugs, second bug.


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