[tex-k] Another bug in webmac

Andreas Scherer andreas_tex at freenet.de
Wed Aug 11 00:26:24 CEST 2021

Hello, Wolfgang,

> I still do think that one should be able to use the 
> macro \. in module names. After all, it is a webmac macro.
But it mingles with a lot of '\let's with weird effects.

> webmac initializes the module name a.k.a. \rhead to "\.{WEB} Output".
Yes, but this is to be overwritten by the first starred section, so 
normally you won't see it.  And the 'WEB' is in 10pt, while the rest of 
the header text is in 8pt (apart from the section and page numbers, 
which are in '\mainfont').

> I view it more as an exercise, not a bug. Partly solved: "\.{WEB} Output" 
> works but "\.{\`WEB\'} Output" crashes.
My solution for your exercise is to use


in limbo of your WEB code and to define the module title as one of

@* Module with {\tentex `typewriter'} word.
@* Module with {\ninetex `typewriter'} word.
@* Module with {\eighttex `typewriter'} word.

Choose whichever size suits you best.  (None of these will mix and match 
in all three locations mentioned on page 4 of 'webman.tex' anyway.)

A more general solution would be to amend [cp]webmac.tex:

First, \input manmac.tex

then replace '\eightrm' in '\[lr]header' by '{\eightpoint ...}'

and use generic '{\tt ...}', '{\it ...}', and '{\bf ...}' in module titles.

Good luck and good night!

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