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here is a collection of issues found in the end-of-chapter quotations:


Avii, line -6: A left-quote is used instead of an apostrophe in the
beginning of the quotation (‘Tis instead of ’Tis). Contractions should
be marked by an apostrophe (see e.g. The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th
ed., section 7.30 which explicitly states that ’tis should be used,
not ‘tis). Most importantly, the apostrophe was actually used in the
quoted 1809 printing (see
The original 1809 text also has a slightly different spelling at the
end: altho’ there’s nothing in’t.

A041, line -2: A left-quote is used instead of an apostrophe (‘Tis
instead of ’Tis). The original has an apostrophe

A480, entry for \varsigma: The reference to page 483 should be deleted
(see below).

A483, line -5: The correct title is Ὀρθοτυπογραφία without the final
sigma (see the facsimile edition at
Although the final α has a long tail in the original printing, it
surely is neither ς nor ας ligature.


C051, line -3: Brittania should be spelled either Britannia or
Britain. The original work was published by William Camden in Latin,
titled Britannia (see
https://books.google.sk/books?id=iCBSAAAAcAAJ&pg=PP7). In 1610,
Philémon Holland published an English translation titled Britain (see
https://books.google.sk/books?id=Od5BAQAAMAAJ&pg=PP7). The spelling
Brittania is used neither in the Latin original nor the English
Regarding the attribution of the quotation, Camden as an author should
perhaps get more credit.
Regarding the comment on line 3121 in the file mfbook.tex, the correct
page number of this quotation in the 1610 edition is 506 (the next
page is numbered 519 by mistake, which explains 518 in OED).

C299, line -3: The correct title is The Jolly Beggars (see

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