[tex-k] Minor bug report

Laurence Finston Laurence.Finston at gmx.de
Wed Dec 22 12:38:36 CET 2021

mft --help

Usage: mft [OPTION]... NAME[.mf|.mp]
  Translate MFNAME to TeX for printing, using the mftmac.tex (or
  mptmac.tex) macros.  Output goes to basename of NAME extended
  with `.tex'.

-change=CHFILE  apply the change file CHFILE as with tangle and weave
-metapost       assume NAME is a METAPOST source file
-style=MFTNAME  use MFTNAME instead of plain.mft (or mplain.mft)
                 (this option can be given more than once)
-help           display this help and exit
-version        output version information and exit

Email bug reports to tex-k at tug.org.


Line 2 is somewhat confusing:  NAME appears in line 1 but both NAME and MFNAME are referred to in line 2.
It would seem that MFNAME is NAME.mf and MPNAME would be NAME.mp but I've never heard of a convention
like this before.  If it's correct, please ignore.

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