[tex-k] CWEB: isalpha vs xisalpha

Andreas Scherer andreas_tex at freenet.de
Thu Mar 11 09:38:29 CET 2021

Hello, Igor,

 > Which one is correct? How things can go wrong if "x" is used or not?
Both are wrong. ;o)

common.h defines 'xisalpha(c)==isalpha(c)&&c<0200' and both ctangle.w 
amd cweave.w define 'ishigh(c)==c>0177', so '(x)isalpha || ishigh' cover 
the same range of characters.

Moreover, both ctangle.w and cweave.w use 'isalpha' inside |Get an 
identifier|, so this should be used.

I'll try to clean up the code redundancy in CWEB 4.3.

Thanks for pointing this out!


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