[tex-k] Incorrect sizes in GFtoDVI output

Don Hosek don.hosek at gmail.com
Tue Nov 16 04:30:49 CET 2021

> Consider the following `x.mf'
>    mode=localfont;
>    mode_setup;
>    beginchar("e",10pt#,7.5pt#,2.5pt#);
>    pickup pencircle;
>    draw origin;
>    endchar;
>    end
> Run `mf x', `gftodvi x.600gf' and `dvitype x'
> First of all, what does this line in the output mean?
>    Font 1: cmr8Font 2: cmtt10Font 3: grayFont 5: logo8

This is a breakdown of the fonts used in the DVI file. cmr8 and logo8 are used for the titles on the output. cmtt10 is used for the labels. gray is used to 
set the gray-scale rendering of the characters.

> Then we have a lot of warnings:
>    182: setchar77 h:=0+456126=456126, hh:=58 warning: |h|>0!
>    183: setchar69 h:=456126+360590=816716, hh:=104 warning: |h|>456126!
>    184: setchar84 h:=816716+336706=1153422, hh:=147 warning: |h|>816716!
>    etc.
> Are the warnings because of GFtoDVI or because of MF?

This appears to be a consequence of your file. In particular, there’s no output in the MF output. It’s long enough that I’ve used MF that I can’t say why you have no output.


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