[tex-k] Incorrect sizes in GFtoDVI output

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Nov 16 23:52:12 CET 2021


BTW, it is safer/better to use := than = when setting the mf mode, in
principle.  Not that it makes a difference in this case.

    Font 1: cmr8Font 2: cmtt10Font 3: grayFont 5: logo8

Seems there are spaces or newlines missing from that line. Or maybe
that line should not be there at all? I see nothing similar in trip.typ.
I'll investigate eventually, unless (I hope) you want to look into it.

    Are the warnings because of GFtoDVI or because of MF?

gftodvi, it seems.

    But according to my calculations, maxv must be 778536, and maxh is
    evidently non-zero
    ("METAFONT output YYYY.MM.DD:NNNN  Page 1  Character 101").

Ok. Looks like subpar gftodvi behavior, but ... gftodvi is intended for
use with "smoke" proofs, that is, mode:=proof and similar. With that
setting, I get no warnings with your input file (even without the scaled
on the pencircle). I don't believe Knuth would be interested in gftodvi
warnings for unintended use cases. --thanks, karl.

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