[tex-k] Incorrect sizes in GFtoDVI output

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Nov 16 23:52:13 CET 2021

Hi Yannis,

    But gftodvi can hardly do otherwise because there is no information
    on the character's box in the GF data:

TFM widths are included in the GF file, as shown in your example.
Rom the gf*.web files:

> The character width~|w| duplicates the information in the \.{TFM} file; it
> is $2^{24}$ times the ratio of the true width to the font's design size.

   gftodvi, as its name implies, will read the gf file only, and not the
   tfm file.

gftodvi reads tfm files. It has a function open_tfm_file, etc.

(Not that either of these things affects the actual outcome, but for the
record ...)  -k

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