[tex-k] Incorrect sizes in GFtoDVI output

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Nov 18 23:38:44 CET 2021

    Excuse me, but this means that we have an "unintended" use case for
    GFtoDVI on p.32 of MFbook:

1) Oddly, I get only one warning from dvitype with io.mf in smoke mode,
which is what is being discussed on p.32:
mf '\mode:=smoke; input io'
gftodvi io.2602gf
dvitype io.dvi | grep warning
584: down4 20727860 v:=0+20727860=20727860, vv:=1313 warning: |v|>20140268! 
Ok, that's not good.

2) However, a "naive user" won't even know about the existence of
dvitype, let alone notice warnings from the result of running it. When I
view io.dvi (or io.ps or io.pdf), it seems fine to me. That's all that
page 32 is concerned with.

3) If these warnings had been reported in 1984, maybe Knuth would have
been interested in changing gftodvi's dvi output to avoid them. However,
I am completely doubtful that he would care to do so in 2029. -k

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