[tex-k] Incorrect sizes in GFtoDVI output

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Nov 24 22:55:17 CET 2021

    P.S. Does anybody understand what these warnings are all about?

Yannis explained it.

In short, gftodvi calculates the DVI maxh based on the widths of the
"proof" pixels from the gray font, not taking into account the typeset
page header. So, as each character of
  "[METAFONT output 2021.11.20:1356  Page 1]"
(or whatever) is typeset, there can be a warning (from dvitype) that
it's gone beyond maxh, depending on how wide the proof character is. This 

    As for the warnings, DEK should be informed about this for 2029 too.

It seems he already recognized this possible behavior, and doesn't
consider it a problem. From dvitype.web:

  @ Three characteristics of the pages (their |max_v|, |max_h|, and
  |max_s|) are specified in the postamble, and a warning message
  is printed if these limits are exceeded. [...]
  Since characters can legally be set outside
  of the page boundaries, it is not an error when |max_v| or |max_h| is
  exceeded. [...]

Which also explains why this situation has no effect on any actual
DVI processing.

One might ask why dvitype emits a warning at all, if the behavior is
valid. I don't really know, but I surmise that the main purpose of
dvitype was to diagnose the DVI files output by TeX, and with normal
documents, typesetting outside maxh/maxv might well be unexpected. -k

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