[tex-k] Incorrect sizes in GFtoDVI output

Andreas Scherer andreas_scherer at freenet.de
Thu Nov 25 22:02:03 CET 2021

   >    Font 1: cmr8Font 2: cmtt10Font 3: grayFont 5: logo8
   > Seems there are spaces or newlines missing from that line. Or maybe
   > that line should not be there at all?
You can add a space with the attached amendment to 'dvitype.ch' 
(changing line 2228 of dvitype.web in section 99). However, it seems 
that the 'short' one-line list of fonts is redundant right after the 
'long' list.

Unfortunately, dvitype.web is much harder to back-port to FPC than 
gftodvi.web. Even with dvitype,ch from TeX-FPC, I don't get the program 
to work, so I can't tell whether or not the 'original' dvitype is in 
fact buggy.

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