[tex-k] DVItype does not agree with DVI specification

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Nov 26 23:12:02 CET 2021

    [1]: http://mirrors.ctan.org/dviware/driv-standard/level-0/dvistd0.pdf

That "spec" is not official. It is the interim result of a working
committee (ca.1991 I guess), which never came to completion. It is not
maintained, so there's nothing to with bug reports about it,

When there is a discrepancy between dvitype (or, more importantly, TeX)
and dvistd0.pdf, in principle dvitype/TeX should be taken as canonical.

Nevertheless, the dvitype behavior you found seems odd/wrong to me. I'm
discussing. --thanks, karl.

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