[tex-k] Newly introduced overfull line in tangle.pdf

Andreas Scherer andreas_tex at freenet.de
Sun Oct 17 23:17:16 CEST 2021


It appears that the transition from Heiko's 'latex-tds' package of 2014 
to my package 'knuth-pdf' of 2021 introduced a slight difference in page 
sizes in the resulting PDFs.

Looking at 'tangle.pdf' of TeX Live 2018 (and 2019 and 2020), I find

    Ersteller: pdfTeX 1.40.14
    Erstellt am: Montag, 3. Februar 2014 19:03:50 UTC
    Seitengröße: 191 × 254 mm (Hochformat Executive (7,5 x 10 Zoll))

while 'tangle.pdf' of TeX Live 2021 has

    Ersteller: pdfTeX-1.40.21
    Erstellt am: Mittwoch, 17. März 2021 12:04:24 UTC
    Seitengröße: 185 × 251 mm (Hochformat Benutzerdefiniert)

The deviation most likely comes from my 'pdfwebtocfront.tex' macros: 

I _did_ 'fix' this particular overful hbox two months ago by rewording 
the paragraph: 
but I'll try to restore the original page and text sizes for TeX Live 2022.

Thanks for spotting this.


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