[tex-k] "smash case"? "indentifiers"?

Doug McKenna doug at mathemaesthetics.com
Fri Sep 24 00:47:25 CEST 2021

On my laptop with TL 2019, TANGLE 4.5, the command
  tangle -h
produces, among other lines of output, the following:

  -lowercase     make all identifiers lowercase
  -mixedcase     retain the case of identifiers unchanged (default)
  -strict        always smash case and remove underlines when comparing
  -underline     do not remove underline characters from indentifiers
  -uppercase     make all identifiers uppercase

Assuming the latest version is the same ...

What does "smash case" in the "-strict" option mean?  I would suggest getting rid of the term and unambiguously stating whether it's lowercase or uppercase.  Assuming it's "lowercase":

  -strict        when comparing identifiers, remove underlines
                  and convert to lowercase

Also, there's a typo in the "-underline" option: "indentifiers" should be "identifiers".

Doug McKenna

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