[tex-k] EPS image problem

Срећко Недељковић sreckojr at gmail.com
Fri Aug 5 13:50:25 CEST 2022


I would like to ask a question (report bug if so) about an issue that I
faced using the latest installed *texlive* version.
I have a **.cpp* program that utilizes the following sequence of commands:

sprintf(cmd, "latex -interaction=batchmode -halt-on-error -file-line-error
-output-directory TeX=pgfplot/plots %s.tex >/dev/null", fn);
sprintf(cmd, "dvips -quiet %s.dvi -o %s.eps", fndvi, fneps);
sprintf(cmd, "ps2pdf -dEPSCrop %s.eps %s.pdf", fneps, fnpdf);

where fneps etc. are previously declared chars: char fneps[201]; etc.

This set of commands works flawlessly on my older *Ubuntu* distribution
(16.04 LTS) alongside with the older *texlive* version (I believe
*texlive2015*, and thus older *dvips*) and older *g++* compiler.
A few days ago I installed on another machine the latest *Ubuntu*
distribution (22.04 LTS) together with the latest *texlive* version (
*texlive2022*, and thus latest *dvips*).
Unfortunately, the resulting **.eps* image is of unexpected size and
orientation (like double flipped and very small). Additionally, it looks
like it uses extra white space around the image but I am not quite sure.

Attached is the zipped folder, containing **.eps* image produced on old
setup (denoted with "old") and **.eps* image produced with new setup which
is not working correctly.

Is there a command I've been overlooking or anything I'm doing incorrectly?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you for the response.

Srecko Nedeljkovic
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