[tex-k] Bug-report for the TeXbook: Not all non-primitive control-sequences are defined, ultimately, in terms of the primitive ones.

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Dec 9 23:10:27 CET 2022

Hi Ulrich,

    while explicit non-active
    character tokens are not considered primitives.

Although it isn't a primitive control sequence, "typeset a character" is
certainly a primitive action. I agree the wording is not 100% correct,
considered as pure language specification.

If the first part of your quote:
| About 300 of TeX’s control sequences are called primitive;
didn't mention "control sequences", it would be more correct, but less
helpful to actual readers, seems to me.

I doubt Knuth would want to change anything, but I'll discuss with my
co-vetters (not soon, as the pile is already large, unfortunately).

Thanks for the report/suggestion,

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