[tex-k] web2c build failure with slibtool

Michael Orlitzky michael at orlitzky.com
Sun Jan 16 02:17:02 CET 2022

On 2022-01-15 15:19:25, Karl Berry wrote:
>     Using slibtool[1]
> Aside: this claims to be a "drop-in replacement" for libtool, so it
> seems to me it should handle this case. Or reduce/explain the claim.
> The stated caveats don't seem to apply to this case. Anyway, whatever.

We've been reporting these corner cases to slibtool as well. GNU
libtool hasn't seen a release since 2015, so inevitably (as work
progresses on slibtool), there will be incompatibilities -- especially
in places where the existing behavior of GNU libtool is buggy or

When there's an easy and technically-correct workaround for the build
system, we've been reporting the issue to both projects. Fixing it in
the build means one less point of agreement that slibtool ultimately
has to wrench from its moribund coconspirator, and is usually faster.

>     web2c_LDADD = libweb2c.a
> I guess I agree. Done in r61619. Thanks for the report. --karl

Thank you :)

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