[tex-k] Fixes of newlines in DVItype

Igor Liferenko igor.liferenko at gmail.com
Wed Jan 26 10:13:10 CET 2022

Hi, Karl,

> Thanks for the changes. I'll look at it as soon as I have a chance. -k

Some remarks:

Changes are done to §83, §96, §99.
If you do `texdoc dvitype', and search for "define font", you will see that
it is used in 4 places. §86 is when page is processed. All is OK here. §106
is postamble handling. All is OK here as well. The problematic places
are in §96 and §99.
Please notice, that in §96 and §106 "print_ln (' ');" is used. This is
inconsistent with §99.
Finally, notice that in the procedure `define_font' (in §62) the
"print_ln (' ');" is done automatically.

I tested this thoroughly and it is consistent between all -output-level
and -page-start options and types of dvi files
(the ones produced by TeX and by GFtoDVI).


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