[tex-k] dvips: inconsistent search of PK and TFM files

Igor Liferenko igor.liferenko at gmail.com
Wed Mar 9 07:43:48 CET 2022


In loadfont.c we have this:

     char *this_name = concat (d, n);
     pkfile = pksearch(this_name, READBIN, fd->dpi, &name_ret, &dpi_ret);

But in tfmload.c there is this:

    if ((tfmfile=search(d, name, READBIN))!=NULL)

To be consistent with loadfont.c, this must be changed into:

    char *this_name = concat (fd->area, name);
    if ((tfmfile=search(d, this_name, READBIN))!=NULL)

This bug manifests itself with fonts loaded as `\font\x=/path/to/myfont \x'
(i.e., when area is not empty).

Please fix this.


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