[tex-k] How read_ln works in Pascal?

Igor Liferenko igor.liferenko at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 09:11:26 CET 2022

> The logic says that this is the only possible solution that can work:
>     term_in.f=stdin;
>     if (eoln(term_in)) get(term_in);

But in such case the "Output level" value (the first one) will be ignored.
If we suppose that the calls of reset() which were already done are ignored:

     if (term_in.f!=stdin) term_in.f=stdin,get(term_in);
     if (eoln(term_in)) get(term_in);

then the "Output level" value (the first one) cannot be skipped with <return>.

I cannot find any setup that does not lead to inconsistencies...

Which rules does pascal follow?

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