[tex-k] [feature] Can kpathsea have a shell completion?

Wu Zhenyu wuzhenyu at ustc.edu
Thu Jan 19 09:57:09 CET 2023

Excuse me:

Can kpathsea have a shell completion? That is,
if users `kpsewhich --print-completion XXsh` in their bashrc/zshrc, they can:

$ kpsewhich -<TAB>
-cnf-line          parse STRING as a configuration file line.
-expand-braces     output variable and brace expansion of STRING.
-expand-path       output complete path expansion of STRING.
-expand-var        output variable expansion of STRING.
-help-formats      display information about all supported file formats.
-must-exist        search the disk as well as ls-R if necessary.


Best Regards
Wu Zhenyu

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