[tex-k] Build failure (test suite) of texlive-source on armhf

Hilmar Preuße hille42 at web.de
Tue Jul 25 23:34:36 CEST 2023

On 7/22/23 23:11, Karl Berry wrote:

Hi Karl,

>      This is the texlive-source checkout dating 20230311.
> There have been nontrivial changes to bibtex8 since March. (see
> ChangeLog), both to the program and to the tests. Can you please try
> with the current sources? --thanks, karl.
I (hopefully) extracted the relevant git commits from the repo and for
armhf the build works now. I guess it was just coincidence, that the
issue was visible there and it could have hit all arches.

Thanks for response!



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