[tex-k] Erratum: METAFONT book, pages 119, 228

Mike Spivey mike at cs.ox.ac.uk
Wed Jun 7 10:25:50 CEST 2023

In the METAFONT book, octant codes like NNE are glossed on page 119 as 
meaning "North by North East", but should that should read 
"North-Northeast" or "North-North-East".  The same error is made on page 
228.  An earlier exercise, Ex 4.7, has already been corrected with the 
form "North-Northeast".

There are four cardinal points of the compass: North (0 degrees), East 
(90), South (180), West (270).

The four secondary points are Northeast (45), Southeast (135), Southwest 
(225), Northwest (315).

Eight tertiary points are North-Northeast (22.5), East-Northeast, 
East-Southeast, etc.  These are appropriate names for the octants.

Sixteen quaternary points are North by East (11.25), Northeast by North, 
Northeast by East, etc.  There is no point named North by North East.

An exercise for junior ratings is to "box the compass", naming all 32 
points in clockwise order, something my grandfather could still 
demonstrate with pride in his late eighties.

-- Mike Spivey (Oxon)

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