[tex-k] potential errata in The TeXbook and TeX: The Program, Jubilee editions

Doug McKenna doug at mathemaesthetics.com
Fri Nov 3 01:23:21 CET 2023

Karl -

Yes, I wasn't thinking about the hidden alignment group that lives around the contents each column. My bad.

Getting errors sooner is fine.  However, I still have a quibble with the DEK's title for the module

  @<Express consternation over the fact that no alignment is in progress@>

If the error message is issued while an alignment is in progress, as it is here, then it's not a "fact" that "no alignment is in progress".  A better title would be

  @<Express consternation over the possibility that no alignment is in progress@>

It would still have the same reference prefix.

Onward, into the fog ...

Doug McKenna

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