[tex-k] xdvik and gcc14, pull request / bug report on github texlive-source

Christopher Fore csfore at posteo.net
Sun Feb 25 16:48:07 CET 2024

Hi Karl,

After trying to apply your patch I get this error:

gui/pagesel.c: In function ‘xaw_update_list’:
gui/pagesel.c:541:32: error: passing argument 2 of ‘XawListChange’ from incompatible pointer type [-Wi
  541 |     XawListChange(LIST_WIDGET, (const String *) page_info.page_labels, 0,
      |                                ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      |                                |
      |                                char * const*

This could result from these commits:

Where they change XawListChange's argument types, I've CC'd Thomas
Dickey for his advice.

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