[tex-k] unbalanced write

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Jan 9 23:28:57 CET 2024

Hi Hironobu,

    the problem reported in 2011

Ah. I was not aware of BLF's report in 2011. I had seen the report from
"user202729" on tex.sx, in 2021:
(the crash is mentioned in the middle of that lengthy multi-topic

I guess Bruno should get the credit when we send this to Knuth.
Too bad it did not make it into the 2014 or 2021 report.

    still exists.
    * bad: pdftex, xetex, eptex, euptex
    => Segmentation fault: 11

DRF found this fix, which is in tex as of the 2023 binary, I believe:
@x l.7717
if t>=cs_token_flag then
if (t>=cs_token_flag)and(t<>end_write_token) then

However, Tyge Thiessen then pointed out this fix was insufficient:

Thus I have been awaiting a better fix from DRF, or anyone, before
installing it for the other engines. I hope he will be able to look at
it before TL24. --best, karl.

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