[tex4ht-commits] [SCM] tex4ht updated: r97 - trunk/lit

cvr at gnu.org.ua cvr at gnu.org.ua
Fri Oct 26 08:13:07 CEST 2012

Author: cvr
Date: 2012-10-26 09:13:06 +0300 (Fri, 26 Oct 2012)
New Revision: 97

Oleg Domanov odomanov at yandex.ru reported that
 tex4ht ended with an error when compiled biblatex files. 
 There was a superfluous \relax in the file test.tmp, line 65 which
 seemed to cause the error. 

 This was true and was a result of recent upgrades to cope up with 
 biblatex.sty revisions. The problems were primarily due to not checking
 oolatex output when biblatex.4ht was revised.

Modified: trunk/lit/tex4ht-4ht.tex
--- trunk/lit/tex4ht-4ht.tex	2012-10-25 07:14:04 UTC (rev 96)
+++ trunk/lit/tex4ht-4ht.tex	2012-10-26 06:13:06 UTC (rev 97)
@@ -2733,24 +2733,39 @@
 \let\blx at ifhyperref\@firstoftwo
+% Oleg Domanov odomanov at yandex.ru reports:
+% tex4ht ends with an error when compiles biblatex files. I'm on
+% Windows, texlive 2012. I put here a minimal example and files
+% generated with the command latexmk test && mk4ht oolatex test
+% https://www.dropbox.com/s/hn1zm40htqs13mf/t4htlink.zip
+% There is a superfluous \relax in the file test.tmp, line 65 which
+% seems to cause the error. 
+% Changes to cope with biblatex upgrade caused this problem. It is now
+% fixed. --CVR 2012/10/26
+ \def\hyper:natanchorstart#1{\Link{}{#1}\EndLink}%  
+ \def\hyper:natlinkstart#1{\Link{#1}{}}%
+ \def\hyper:natanchorstart#1{%
       \expandafter\ifx\csname QXpage.\thepage\endcsname\relax%
         \HCode{<a id="page.\thepage"></a>}%
         \expandafter\xdef\csname QXpage.\thepage\endcsname{0}%
       \Link[\csname BibFileName\therefsection\endcsname]{}{#1}\EndLink}  
+ \def\hyper:natlinkstart#1{%
       \expandafter\ifx\csname QXpage.\thepage\endcsname\relax%
         \HCode{<a id="page.\thepage"></a>}%
         \expandafter\xdef\csname QXpage.\thepage\endcsname{0}%
       \Link[\csname BibFileName\therefsection\endcsname]{#1}{}}

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