[tex4ht] forced math images and babel package in MikTeX 2.9

Jaroslav Sobota jsobota at kky.zcu.cz
Mon Jun 6 16:56:59 CEST 2011

I've recently moved to MikTeX 2.9 from MikTeX 2.7 and I am not able to 
process my source file unless I commment the "babel line" or disable the 
"force-bitmap-images" lines. I'm using htlatex batch file in Windows: 
htlatex foo.tex


\Configure{PicMath}{}{}{}{ class="math"}

Kinetic energy $E_K=\frac{1}{2}mv^2$ of the object is huge.


I obtain the following error
Runaway argument?
  class=\penalty \@M \discretionary {mm-}{}{m}\penalty \@M \hskip 
\z at skip \ETC.
! Paragraph ended before \aT:IMG was complete.
<to be read again>

Is there any workaround to force bitmap images and use babel at the same 

Thanks for any help,
Jaroslav Sobota

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