[tex4ht] biblatex, biber, and htlatex

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon May 21 01:15:32 CEST 2012

    I received http://von-wachter.de/dateien/for-biblatex-1-6/biblatex.4ht
    on 14.11.2011 from Radhakrishnan. 

Fair enough :).

    It is not yet at

Yes, so this is what I was remembering ... I was waiting for CVR's

    I hope it was all right to put in on the web. It works with biblatex 1.6.

It seems that what we really need is a biblatex.4ht that works with
biblatex 1.7, since that is what is in TL, and (as noted) it is hardly
trivial or desirable to downgrade.

I could easily be missing it, but I'm not seeing no specific bug report
regarding biblatex 1.7, just your report of failure.  Can you construct
the usual small test case / expected output vs. actual output / etc.
so CVR (or anyone :) has a chance of doing that?


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