[tex4ht] latexmk instead of 3 systematic compilations?

Matteo Centonza matteo at metatype.it
Mon Sep 17 19:58:51 CEST 2012

Hello Denis,

2012/9/17 Denis Bitouzé <dbitouze at wanadoo.fr>:
> Le lundi 17/09/12 à 21h56,
> Radhakrishnan CV <cvr at river-valley.org> a écrit :
>> That is up to you. You might choose any easiest method.  Three
>> compilations are needed to resolve all the cross links correctly. If
>> you are sure about previous compilations, ie., it is not stopped
>> midway due to errors, you need only one LaTeX run.
> OK, thanks.
> So a subsidiary question is: would it be possible to provide the
> necessary information¹ to John Collins, the Latexmk developer, to help
> him to make Latexmk able to deal with the various TeX4ht compilations?
>   -----------------------
>   1. How to know from the log if the cross links resolve correctly or
>      if an extra compilation is needed. Unfortunately, this is beyond
>      my knowledge...

an easy method may be to check whether or not the .xref file changed
since last run
(you may use checksum comparison).

This is the method i currently use in my application.



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