[tex4ht] Spaces in listings are non-breaking spaces but should be normal spaces

Denis Bitouzé dbitouze at wanadoo.fr
Wed Oct 3 09:41:39 CEST 2012


consider the joined 'spaces-in-listings.tex' MCE (I couldn't copy paste
it here because long lines would have been broken), which is of the

\noindent\lstinline|<very long line of words with spaces between them>|

<very long line of words with spaces between them>

where :

  <very long line of words with spaces between them>

is a "foo bar " string repeated many times.

The .pdf output is as expected: too long lines are broken. But the .html
output (from 'htlatex spaces-in-listings') doesn't imitate the pdf
one: too long lines are not broken.

This comes from the fact that "normal" spaces in the .tex source file
are converted by TeX4ht in non-breaking spaces (&#x00A0;). IMHO, this
shouldn't be the case because of non expected output and also because
this is already specified by the css setup 'white-space: nowrap;':

\Css{div.lstlisting{font-family: monospace; white-space: nowrap;
                    margin-top:0.5em; margin-bottom:0.5em;}}

   font-family: monospace;
   white-space: nowrap;

to be found in html4.4ht. Furthermore, it is preferable to delegate
formating to css and let the user override the default behaviour with
another css specification.

Meanwhile, I partially managed to change this behaviour myself with the
following 'spaces-in-listings.cfg' file:


\Css{lstinline {white-space:normal;}}
\Css{lstlisting {white-space:normal;}}

\def\lst at outputspace{\HCode{ }}

but this is successful only for \lstinline: lstlisting environments
still go "outside" the page.

Any better idea is welcome :)

Thanks in anticipation.
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