[tex4ht] teilatex and teimlatex

Zdzislaw Meglicki zdzisiekm at sbcglobal.net
Thu Oct 25 19:31:49 CEST 2012

Bill says:

> Also it seems that Connexions has its own xml document type.  For this
> see http://cnx.org/content/m9000/latest/ My guess is that this
> document type provides the source language for what appears online at
> Connexions.

Indeed. This is CNXML. Currently a shell script is used to convert XML
generated by Tralics to CNXML. Once a document exists as a CNXML,
the site's machinery handles it, from cradle to grave. 

A funny thing is that the printing system on the site converts from 
CNXML back to LaTeX from which then PDF is generated in the normal
way. The obvious question that any LaTeX user asks is why convert from
LaTeX in the first place. This is because CNXML is a common denominator 
for various authoring tools, also including Word and Open Office, and
having it in place allows for mixing and re-use of Connexions modules.

> Not really.  Tex4ht DVI files are very non-standard.  Standard DVI
> admits translation only to printer or printer-like languages.

I noticed this. I had a look at a TeX4ht generated dvi file with xdvi. 
But this is fine. TeX4ht passes information into the dvi file that tex4ht 
needs to do its conversion. How is this different from how LaTeX passes,
say, pstricks stuff into the dvi file? The important thing is that the countless
packages that TeX users may want to invoke, do not have to be "ported"
to TeX4ht, the way they have to be ported to Tralics or LaTeXML.

Zdzislaw (Gustav) Meglicki
Indiana University

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