[tex4ht] Collision of /usr/bin/ht with HT Editor

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Tue May 7 21:12:34 CEST 2013

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    Hi, Karl.

    Thank you for answer. Will see what the other side is thinking...



I agree with Karl that one and two, even three and maybe four or five,
character names should no longer be introduced if ever it was sensible to
do so.  I guess we're stuck with things like "du", "ed", "ls", "mv", "rm",
..., but short names should be regarded as belonging to a user's private

It seems that it would be a rather unpleasant exercise to figure out just
how tex4ht's "ht" is being used these days because the string "ht" is a
substring of many words occurring in tex4ht scripts.  Is it, in fact,
really in use?  I am not aware that it's something a user would call.  If
I'm right about that, but it is in use, then how difficult could it be to
phase it out?

Of course, I also would object to "ht" as the name of any program that is
not user-private. Something like "hteditor" would be much better.

          -- Bill

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