[tex4ht] Backing up Re: [bug #226] Spurious elements in mathml output ...

William F Hammond hammond at csc.albany.edu
Thu Aug 14 18:05:51 CEST 2014

Michal Hoftich <michal.h21 at gmail.com> writes:

> I forwarded this conversation to David and he confirmed that `<mi
> mathvariant="...">` should be used ...

Slightly different is this question: how should one write LaTeX math
(user level) in order for text4ht, or some other LaTeX to HTML+MathML
translator, to produce

          <mi mathvariant="normal">Hom</mi>  ?

For the purpose of this let's stipulate that 'Hom', relative to
pmathml, is an indicator, not an operator.

Part of my issue here is that I see pmathml's <mo> having a significantly
narrower scope than LaTeX's (with amsmath) \operatorname.  I don't see
anything equivalent to <mi> in LaTeX, but inside math zones, with amsmath
loaded so that \text{} is available, I think \mbox is a fair approximation
to <mi>.

                                    -- Bill

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