[tex4ht] [bug #339] remove/rewrite braille code

Deimantas Galcius deimantas.galcius at gmail.com
Mon Oct 31 13:28:26 CET 2016

Karl - i don't believe we have braille lit sources in svn repo.

It is interesting to know, what kind of system/code/workflow Antonis refers to as
"Braille support in tex4ht"

  "SuBrl: A LaTeX to braille converter"
Does anybody know about source files?

-- deimi

On 10/30/2016 06:59 PM, Karl Berry wrote:
> Antonis Tsolomitis tells me that the Braille support in tex4ht depends on
> liblouis to convert tex4ht's XML output to Braille. and liblouis does not work
> with our xml, and won't (they said their target is Office). Ditto for
> LaTeXML's XML output.
> Therefore it seems we should remove or completely rewrite our Braille stuff,
> instead of having code that does nothing useful.
> Antonis and others have written latex2nemeth
> (http://ctan.org/pkg/latex2nemeth) as another tex parser that outputs braille
> directly, since they had a blind student they needed to support right away.

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