[tex4ht] HTML5 output (Was: [bug #340] Math issues ...)

Michal Hoftich michal.h21 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 25 00:11:53 CET 2016

Quoting William F Hammond (2016-11-24 20:05:35)
> There's very little difference between tex4ht's xhtml output
> and what is required for the text/html serialization of
> html5.

Sure, the basic support is quite easy, I was thinking about logical
structure of the document - <article> element, how to mark up TOC,
sections, footnotes etc.

> In the summer of 2012 via this list you explained to me how
> to get html5.  To the extent that I use tex4ht (for things
> originating with others) that has been working for me (with
> a few mods).
> I'll append the driver script and the cfg (for use with
> MathJax) that I've been using.

Yes, I remember it. It was four years ago?  

> As for semantic improvement I think beginning with profiled
> LaTeX will be essential.
> For accessibility, I think that MathML is too close to
> printer language.  As with math in general, it will be
> better not to go too far from the mainstream.
> As CSS gets better and better, the best bet for math
> rendering in all browsers may be using the XML form of a
> suitable LaTeX profile with CSS.  Chrome, Firefox, and Safari
> are all good with this.  (See my talk at TUG 2014.)
> Likewise I think the XML form of such a LaTeX profile will
> be better for accessibility than HTML with MathML.

I took a look at your CSS math examples. It indeed looks interesting.
This could be easier way than conversion of mathml to html using


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