[tex4ht] [bug #343] Package pdfpages

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Dec 7 01:14:49 CET 2016


     > Imagemagick is used

I don't believe imagemagick has any native knowledge of PDF.  It
delegates all PDF operations to other programs, such as Ghostscript.
Using GS directly seems like the best choice to me.

Some years ago, I replaced some calls to the IM "convert" with direct
calls to gs on Unix for converting dvips output to png. (tex4ht-env.tex,
search for stuff like "dvips convert").

I didn't bother to replace the Windows calls (and no one has ever
reported about it), so I doubt there's any great need for you to worry
about it either. But if you want to, feel free :).  --thanks, k.

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