[tex4ht] Issues with unpaired brackets

William F Hammond gellmu at gmail.com
Thu Apr 13 01:16:56 CEST 2017

Michal Hoftich writes:

incidentally, I found one issue in documents compiled to MathML, from
> two independent sources. Meaningless MWE:
>     \documentclass{article}
>     \begin{document}
>     [this is for test $a+b=c]$
>     \end{document}

I regard this as nonsensical source.  With real mathematical expressions
like $f(x$) and things like $a(b(c(d(e)))$ are common author mistakes.  I
think they should be trapped at source level.  Using a suitable LaTeX
profile is a way to do that.

I find it impossible to make a rational decision on how examples of this
type should be handled by a translator.  Again I say, it would be better to
trap nonsensical source.

             -- Bill

William F Hammond
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