[tex4ht] Recent updates

Michal Hoftich michal.h21 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 18 15:00:07 CEST 2017

Hi Karl,

> Ok, I'll ask CTAN to update the README to the text below.
> Let me know if you think more should be said.
> (Or if the web page could use tweaking.)

Thanks, it seems nice to me.

>     if we can't update the tex4ht_all.zip on CTAN. This file is quite
>     messy, by the way :(
> Indeed, the messiness is part of the problem with updating it. Eitan
> never had a comprehensible (at least to me) release process. But we can
> deal with that.
> The other, much bigger, part of the release problem is that when I diff
> what we currently generate from the sources vs. what is currently
> installed in TL, there are many differences. It does not seem right to
> just blindly install every changed file and hope for the best.

I've compared the list of generated .4ht files in the sources and in
TL, and there are two additional files in TL: info4ht.4ht and
revtex.4ht. I've found that there was missing target for info4ht.4ht
in the Makefile, so it wasn't generated. I updated it and it should be
OK now.

Regarding differences in the .4ht files, I think most of them is a
difference in the copyright message. There is just a few files with
differences in the code, I hope.

> Reviewing all the changes is a big job. If those of us who are willing
> can try to look at a file or two each day, and update TL as we go along,
> eventually we will come to the end and have a known quantity that we can
> release and maintain. I put some diff targets in the Makefile as a start
> on that path ...
> Eitan's documentation (mn.html etc.) needs similar attention :(.

I can see that the original documentation is in the repo as
`doc/mn/TeX4ht-doc.tex`. Maybe it should be renamed to mn.tex, so we
can update the documentation directly?

And maybe we should put some of the HTML files generated from the
literate sources somewhere, there is lot of important stuff, for
example in tex4ht-info.html and tex4ht-4ht.html.

Best regards,

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